Tube Sensor TLS 100

The TLS 100 tube sensor works on the capacitive measuring principle and detects the presence of a liquid in a plastic tube. These plastic tubes may also be mounted as a by-pass on a compensator in order to signal the required medium level in containers.

The sensor is simply snapped onto the tube at the ideal level of the medium and provides versatile usage for a wide range of applications in medical equipment, the food stuffs industry etc. The sensor can additionally be fixed by means of the two mounting lugs to ensure a tight fit on the tube.


  • The switch point is factory pre-set so as to lie exactly between the two mounting clips. When readjusting the switch point, please observe that it again lies between the two clips.
  • A mass surface in the proximity (< 10 mm) may influence the switch point and may necessitate a readjustment.
  • For outdoor use we recommend mounting the level sensor TLS 100 in a protective enclosure so as to avoid substantial fluctuation of the medium temperature and condensation between the capacitor plates.



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Categories: Industrial Applications | Capacitive Level Sensors