• Industrial applications
  • Railway applications
  • Marine applications
  • Diesel- and gas engines
  • Windkraft
  • Construction equipment
  • Commercial vehicles and busses
  • Agricultural equipment
  • BEDIA Sensors for Tank and Temperature Monitoring in Industrial Applications.
  • Complying with Railway Specification DIN EN 50155 – Level Monitoring Sensor CLS 20/25.
  • BEDIA CLS 50/55 – Certified According to Certain Maritime Classification Societies.
  • Field of Application: Diesel and Gas Engines – BEDIA ITS 60 for Diesel Fuels & BEDIA ITS 65 for Oils.
  • Level, Tank and Temperature Monitoring in the Field of Wind Power Applications.
  • For Use in Heavy Duty Construction Equipment – BEDIA CLS, ITS and Temperature Switches.
  • For Use in Commercial Vehicles & Busses – BEDIA CLS, ITS and Temperature Switches & Sensors.
  • For Use in Heavy Duty Agricultural Equipment – BEDIA CLS, ITS and Temperature Sensors.

Welcome to BEDIA Motorentechnik – Measuring with System and Passion

As a high performance and innovative company BEDIA developes, produces and distributes well thought-out solutions for level and temperature monitoring. We have been concentrating our skills in the domain of measuring filling levels and temperatures under extreme operating conditions. We are able to offer custo­mized solutions to the specific require­ments of our clients for small to large series. In doing so we are combining tried and tested technologies with innovative product ideas.

Our expertise and flexibility are well demonstrated in the develope­ment of customer specific solutions. One thing that all our pro­ducts have in common is the non­existence of moving or adjustable parts; our parts are not subject to mechanical inter­ference and exhibit exceptional operational relia­bility.

Since 1986 BEDIA Motorentechnik is a valued partner of numerous manu­facturers of construction and agricultural machinery, engines, utility vehicles, generator sets and compressors. The high quality require­ments of our world wide operating customers are our motivation for the constant im­prove­ment of our pro­ducts and pro­cesses. The stable customer relation­ships of many years standing express the high quality of our products and the satis­faction of our customers.